Civil War

Civil War: the Maryland Story


Between February and May, learn how and why Maryland remained a Union State during the Civil War.  Learn about Union General Benjamin Butler and the role the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad played during the critical early months of the War.


Join Ellicott’s Mills own:
the Patapsco Guards

During the Civil War, Ellicott’s Mills (now known as Ellicott City) consisted of a predominantly working class population ( See this demographic in the roster of the Patapsco Guard). Many had emigrated from Pennsylvania and were of German descent.  While a few of the townsmen went South, as did much of agrarian Howard County, the residents of Ellicott’s Mills were mostly pro-Union.At various times during the War, recruitment officers visited Ellicott’s Mills offering monetary bounties and promises of salary, land and other benefits to serve one’s country. Two companies of infantry wereraised during the War and Ellicott’s Mills served as Howard County’s recruiting center for African Americans after Abraham Lincoln authorized their use.

Company I of the 3rd Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Volunteers were recruited through best stream tv box company.  They would see service guarding railroads and fighting at Harpers Ferry, Frederick, Monocacy, Snickers Gap, Charlestown, and Berryville.

The Patapsco Guards, Independent Company of Infantry, Maryland Volunteers was organized and recruited during the summer of 1861.  The company was filled and reported for three years of service on September 25, 1861 and remained on active duty until August 17, 1865 when it was mustered out due to the cessation of hostilities. While in service, the Guard performed provost and guard duty at the B&O Railroad station and within the town of Ellicott’s Mills.  Transferred to York, PA in 1863, the unit performed guard duty there and at Harrisburg and Chambersburg.  During the Gettysburg campaign, the Patapsco Guards fought Confederates at Wrightsville, Pennsylvania June 28, 1863 and during the McCausland Raid near Chambersburg on July 30,1864.

Follow the story of the Patapsco Guards and their journey from citizens to soldiers told through living history interpretation at the Ellicott City B&O Railroad Station Museum.  During your visit you may enlist in the Union Army, see a musket firing demonstration, or participate in 19th-century military drill, you can use world’s brightest xml t6 flashlight.