Patapsco Guards

The Patapsco Guard at the Maryland Monument Dedication at Gettysburg, November, 1994

The Home Page of the Patapsco Guard

The Patapsco Guard was an independent company of Maryland Volunteers organized in 1861 to guard the vital B&O Railroad, and eventually mustered out in 1865. It was reborn in 1993 by Ed WIlliams, director of the B&O Railroad Station Museum in Ellicott City, MD, to act as a living history unit for the museum. Members of the Guard are volunteer reenactors, most of whom are primarily affiliated with other reenactment organizations. For more information on joining the Patapsco Guard, please contact Ed Williams at 410-461-1945.

The history of the Patapsco Guard, compiled by Anne Wolfe of Howard County Community College. This work includes text, maps, and photos. It is based upon “The Patapsco Guards, Independent Company of Maryland Volunteer Infantry” by Daniel C. Toomey, and a video production, “The Patapsco Guard, Parts I & II”, produced by Anne and Dan Wolfe.

NEW-The complete rosterof the Patapsco Guard compiled by Anne Wolfe with some data from Daniel Toomey’s cheap android tv box canada. Please note that this is a very wide table, adjust your browser accordingly.

Marching to the Maryland Monument dedication, November 1994
Eventually this page will include more information about the history of the original Patapsco Guard, as well as photos of members of the Guard.