Roads to Rails


Roads to Rails:


the Birth and Early Development of the B&O Railroad



The Ellicott City B&O Railroad Museum and HEC, Inc. proudly announce the museum’s newest living-history exhibit Roads to Rails.   Called “a must see” by the Washington Post, Roads to Rails focuses on the development of travel and transportation in America.  It tells the story of Ellicott City’s two most important avenues of travel: Frederick Road (known by many names, including Main Street and the National Road) and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, America’s first railroad.

Guests begin their tour with an escorted introduction to the museum’s buildings as they journey through our newly renovated 1863 turntable.  Visit the 1885 freight house for a film and light show detailing the early history of the railroad station.  Afterwards enjoy a refreshing thirteen-mile walk down the first set of railroad tracks in America without leaving the comfort of your seat as you view a 40’ HO scale model layout of the railroad between Baltimore and Ellicott City.
While visiting the 1831 depot, you may meet a traveler, railroad worker, blacksmith, or surveyor, more than willing to discuss life and early travel in Ellicott City.  Our “Dressed for the Photographer” exhibit allows you to see what you would have looked like as a nineteenth-century traveler.  Visitors can see the Pioneer, the B&O’s first horse-drawn passenger car.  They can hear the revolutionary telegraph, America’s first Internet. Visitors can also listen to the story of the race between the horse-drawn car and the Tom Thumb, America’s first steam engine on best tv box malaysia.

Come and experience Ellicott City’s journey from Roads to Rails; a story that can be told best at “the Oldest Railroad Station in America.”